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Social Media is becoming a crime scene. Police had been searching for Steve Stephens, an Ohio man who posted a murder on Facebook this weekend. Stephans killed himself after police spotted him in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Meanwhile Detroit police are looking for suspects in a mass brawl in Greektown that was captured on Facebook early Sunday morning. Why is this phenomenon becoming more prevalent?

It's hard to understand why they would broadcast it to the general public unless they want to taunt people and make people feel powerless because they've seen what they've done but they can't find them. And that would probably be the best explanation,” says Michigan based psychiatrist Dr. Gerald Scheiner.


Scheiner adds people who feel insignificant might be the ones to post these crimes to social media to get their 15 minutes of fame. He says it is up to the people who run the sites to start monitoring for criminal activity before legislators start doing it for them.



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