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A lot of residents from Michigan's Fourth Congressional District are still mulling over the exchange of ideas during Congressman John Moolenaar's town hall style listening session Thursday night. Moolenaar faced a packed house at CMU's Plachta Auditorium in Mt. Pleasant which he described as “an earnest conversation about the issues facing our nation.”


The crowd asked questions about a broad range of issues from the repeal of the Affordable Care Act to gun rights, the fate of the EPA, social security, and the role of President Trump as a world leader.


On an international front, I'd say he's been an effective, strong leader,” said Moolenaar.


Health care and the environment dominated as issues of concern and while Moolenaar was often jeered when he reiterated his support for repealing and replacing the ACA, he went on to explain that he does agree with having a heath care plan that covers those with preexisting conditions and lets young adults stay on their parents’ health insurance. One resident also called the Congressman on his voting record.


I'd like to note that you've voted with the president 100 percent of the time thus far, and I would like to see a time when you vote when it seems more like it's in alignment with the views of the people that are your constituency,” he said.


Many in the crowd became frustrated when they felt the Congressman was side-stepping an issue. Often, during his response, he was greeted with chants of “Answer the question!” or “Health care is a right!”


However, he did received thunderous applause when he pledged to support a continuation of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.


I'm part of the President's caucus, I am absolutely supporting it.”


Moolenaar concluded by saying, “I will continue to fight for the policies that benefit the hardworking residents of the district.”



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