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Traffic Non Crim - Initially no insurance then found there was a mistake made by insurance company.  Vehicle released to owner. 


Hit and Run / OWI - A 42 year old male was going home from the 1100 block of Catherine St and turned in front of a Jeep.  The Jeep struck the truck but not $1000 dollars in damage.  The truck was found 15 minutes later at residence on 15 Mille Rd and 180th Ave.  After field sobriety tests, he was found to be under the influence and was lodged at MCSO for Fail to stop and ID and OWI.




1300 block of Catherine.  Female wanted to report that someone had keyed into her apartment while she was gone, but nothing was taken and the lights were left on.


Resident in the 300 block of W Bridge reported a W/M peering into the windows. Unknown direction of travel. Searched the area with the thermal and on foot and did not locate anyone.


900 block of Maple. Emergency alarm via SiriusXM was activated in male's truck.  No issues.  He was unaware he even had the feature in his truck.




Suspicious in the 400 block of Maple St.  Smoke alarm was going off without any smoke being present. Alarm was disabled; residence is under renovation.


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