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Reed City Police Weekly Blotter 9/19-9/24

The school liaison officer took the report of a student in possession of a vape. A citation for MIP vape was issued.

Officer conducted a traffic stop where the driver was under the influence of marijuana. The driver was cited and arrested for OUID.

Officer assisted as backup on a check well-being call. Caller wanted the other resident out of her house and was advised she would have to file eviction papers.

Officer was asked to look into an incident that occurred at a football game. A parent did not agree with how the school handled the matter. The officer found no crime had occurred.

Officer was dispatched to a family dispute between child and parents. Officer talked to all parties involved.

Officer saw someone riding a motocross bike on a non-designated ORV area. The rider was informed of the ORV ordinance for the city. A verbal warning was issue.

Tuesday …9/20
The school liaison officer responded to a call about a woman calling and yelling incoherent things at the Middle School secretary. The same person also called the High School doing the same thing. From what call content could be understood, the caller was upset about a dress code and something to do with wearing animal ears. Officer attempted to call the person back but no contact was made.

The school liaison officer received information of a kindergarten age student possibly exposing themself. The student lives outside of Reed City. The CPS referral was forwarded to the agency having jurisdiction.

Officers arrested a 30-year-old woman on an outstanding warrant.

The office was contacted by a person that said that her dog was attacked by 2 other dogs when walking down the road that ran out of a yard. Citation was issued for dog running at large.

Officers transported an individual to a mental health treatment facility.

Wednesday …9/21
Officer responded to a fire alarm. It was found to be a false alarm.

The school liaison officer was called about a student in possession of a vape. A citation was issued.

During a traffic stop speeding, officers arrested the 37-year-old male driver for having an outstanding warrant.


Officer was dispatched to investigate some property stolen out of an individual’s vehicle. The officer
reviewed surveillance camera footage and determined it had not been stolen at the believed location.

Thursday …9/22
Officer responded to a call about a possible threat. A teen, during a dispute, sent a photo to another teen of himself as a warning to the other teen to back off. A firearm the teen uses for hunting was visible on a storage rack in the background of the picture. There is no evidence the firearm was meant as a threat and the teen that received the picture did not believe the firearm was anything other than coincidence. After investigation, and speaking with the parents, it was agreed, as a precaution, the firearm would be locked up. This incident will be sent to the Prosecutor's Office for review.

Officers received a call of a broken door handle at a city building. The officer spoke with a man outside that admitted to trying to force open the locked door. He was issued a notice of trespass prohibiting him from being on the property. Charges are being sought in this matter.

Officer responded to a call were an individual reported that the landlord’s brother has walked in her in the shower 5 or 6 times in the past 2 months. After speaking with the landlord’s brother, he admitted that he has walked in the bathroom by accident as the door was left ajar and he did not know that someone was in there.

The 63-year-old man was arrested an outstanding warrant from Mecosta County unrelated to this incident. He was transported to the Osceola County Jail.

Officer was called about someone parking their vehicle over the other person property line. Made contact with the individual, who agreed to move the vehicles.

Friday …9/23
Officer was notified about an inoperable vehicle. An abatement notice will be issued to remove the vehicle.

Officer responded to a family dispute over water leaks in a rental home. The homeowner was threatening to evict his brother and wife. They were advised that the matter will have to be taken to court.

Officer was dispatched to a possible assault complaint. The caller stated she had been struck by a friend’s vehicle. The evidence does not support the claim. The matter will be turned over to the prosecutor for review.

School Liaison Officer responded to an assault by a student on a staff member. The matter has been referred to the prosecutor and probate court.

Officer was requested by a probation officer to arrest a 40-year-old man on an outstanding warrant. The man was taken into custody without incident.

Officer responded to an unlawful entry where only food was taken. The matter is under investigation.

Officer responded to reports of two juvenile getting in a fight on the way home from school. Victim did not want to press charges. Contact with Juvenile’s probation officer will be attempted.

Saturday …9/24
Officer observed a fifth wheel Camper parked in the road contrary to city ordinance. Contact was attempted with the homeowner but there did not appear to be anyone home. Contact will be attempted at a later date.

Officer assisted with a broken down vehicle, for safety. The owner had it towed to his home.


Officer responded to a call about a suspicious person outside of a home at night. Officer searched the house and surrounding area, but wasn’t able to find anyone. There was no damage and nothing appeared to be missing from the residence or the vehicles.

Officer was called about a possible drunk driver. After locating the driver, it was determined he was just driving looking for an address and not intoxicated.

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