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Expert Advice Anxiety Diagnosis & Treatment (Dennis Behler, PA)

Primary care providers, like our team at Michigan Primary Care Partners, are see

West Michigan Pharmacy

In our ongoing commitment to our patients and the community, West Michigan Pharm

Expert Advice: Diabetes Diagnosis Healthy A1c (Neil Goodman, DO; Tifenie Harris, DNP)

Making positive changes to your diet now may help you ward off changes in your h

Expert Advice: Shingles (Dennis Behler, PA)

Shingles is a disease that affects your nerves and can present as a painful and

Expert Advice: Skin Cancer Detection (Tifenie Harris, DNP)

Many people love to bask in the warmth of the sun's rays this time of year. But

Expert Advice: Migraine Prevention (Patti Bell, FNP)

If you've ever experienced a migraine b

Expert Advice: Are Probiotics Healthy for You? (Susan Davis, DO)

Our bodies are filled with good and bad

Expert Advice: Celiac vs Gluten Sensitivity (Rachel Zokoe, PA)

The gluten-free diet

Expert Advice: Medicare Wellness (Rashmi Juneja, MD; Phyllis Boone, NP)

Medicare beneficiari

Expert Advice: Environmental & Indoor Allergies (Dennis Behler, PA)

Tis the season that many of us dread. Allergies plague many people, and triggers can lurk both indoors and outside. Michigan Primary Care Partners' Dennis ...

Expert Advice: Why Use Telemedicine (Patti Bell, FNP)

To protect the health and safety of our patients during the spread of COVID-19, Michigan Primary Care Partners has turned to virtual visits to help answer our ...

Expert Advice: Be FAST with Stroke (Tifenie Harris, DNP)

Each year in the U.S more than 795000 people suffer a stroke. While risk does increase with age, a stroke can happen to anyone. Listen below as Michigan ...

West Michigan Pharmacy Home Delivery

In our ongoing commitment to our patients and the community, West Michigan Pharmacy, in Big Rapids, Michigan, is now offering free home delivery of ...

Expert Advice: Coping with Spring Time Change (Rachel Zokoe, PA)

Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday. Is your body ready for it? Even one hour of lost sleep can impact your health. Michigan Primary Care Partners provider ...

Expert Advice: Blood Pressure & Hypertension HD 1080p

High Blood Pressure, or hypertension, increases your risk for a heart attack and stroke. There are a number of factors that can increase your risk for the condition ...

Expert Advice: Heart Disease - Men vs Women (Tifenie Harris, DNP)

Men and women can have different warning signs when experiencing a heart attack. Would you know if you were suffering from one? Listen below as Michigan ...

Expert Advice: Seasonal Affective Disorder (Rachel Zokoe, PA) Michigan Primary Care Partners

Tis the season for shorter days and gray skies. If you lack energy and experience a change in mood this time of year, you may be one of the many who ...

Expert Advice: Coping with Time Change

This weekend we fall back one hour. While that may seem like welcome news, any disruption in sleep patterns can impact your health. Michigan Primary Care ...

Expert Advice: Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Just some of the painful effects Fibromyalgia sufferers experience on a daily basis. Michigan Primary Care Partners ...

Expert Advice: Medication Check Up (Goote)

When was the last time you went through your medicine cabinet? To help recognize national pharmacists month, our own pharmacist with West Michigan ...

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